Label Printing and Cutting Machine

Label Printing and Cutting Machine

Label printing and cutting machine is suitable for label paper, thermal paper and film, and this flexo printing press is used water based ink, it is green equipment.

Product Details


1. The ink rollers of Label Printing and Cutting Machine will be separated from the printing rollers, and keep running when the machine stops.

2. The machine can finish material feeding, printing, varnishing, drying, laminating, rewinding and die-cutting in a lump. It is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label.

Technical Specifications:


Check if the edge of the adhesive material is stuck, and if the bottom paper is leaking silicon

The edge of the self-adhesive material is adhered or a part of the bottom paper is leak-coated with silicone oil. During the printing process, the facial paper breaks during the waste process and cannot be produced normally. Therefore, before printing, you should take a piece of self-adhesive material that is about 1 meter long and peel it off by hand to see if there are any parts on the edge or other parts that cannot be smoothly and consistently peeled off. Usually, the edge paper and the bottom paper edge adhesion occur on a slit roll of the entire roll of the coated self-adhesive material, and generally only occurs at the outer layer of 7 meters to 10 meters, so that the cut roll is encountered. There is adhesion on the edge of the self-adhesive material. Do not immediately assert that the whole roll of paper has this problem.

In addition, it should be noted that peeling off light-weight facial tissues (such as 60g/m2 and 80g/m2 facial tissue) is more powerful than peeling off heavy-weight facial tissue, and the lighter the facial tissue, the tighter the hand feel when peeling off. Because of this, sometimes the customer-selected self-adhesive material is not cut at the normal printing speed according to the shape required by the customer.

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