Flat Bed Label Die Cutting Machine

Flat bed label die cutting machine features flat pressing high precision die cutting and computer control of material pulling and slicing, precision tracking and positioning of both sides and longitude of printed marks by three photoelectric eyes as well as completion of die cutting, waste collection, slicing or automatic marking machine roll at one time, it is the most ideal die cutting machine for various trademark printing factories.

Product Details


This Flat Bed Label Die Cutting Machine or label die cutter adopts flat bed high accurate die cutting, label feeding and sheeting controlled by touch screen micro-computer, the two sides of printed mark and longitudinal tracked by three photoelectric eyes. Die cutting rewind waste edge side paper, sheeting can finish at one time. It is suitable for die cutting paper label, film label and holographic label etc. This machine is necessary auxiliary label die cutting machine for the flexo printing machine or continuous screen printing machine.

Technical Specifications:


Surface structure

On the surface of the anilox roll, a plurality of tiny concave holes of uniform shape are uniformly distributed, which are generally referred to as "inking holes", which are the functions of ink storage, uniform ink distribution and quantitative ink transfer in printing. The ink hole is generally engraved along the direction of the axis at 45°, and the partition wall between the ink holes is called a “mesh wall”, and the area of the mesh wall is related to the shape of the ink hole.

Ink shape

Several common ink hole shapes include: a quadrangular pyramid, a quadrangular prism, a hexagonal prism, a trapezoidal cross-section, and an additional channel ink hole. The opening degree and depth of the ink hole have a considerable influence on the ink transfer performance of the ink hole. The larger the opening degree and the shallower the depth, the better the ink transfer property; on the contrary, the ink transfer property is relatively poor. Among the several types of ink-receiving holes mentioned above, the hexagonal-shaped ink-shaped opening has a large opening degree, so that the ink-removing and ink-releasing properties are better, and therefore, the ink of this shape is often used in the engraved anilox roller. hole.


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