Commercial Label Printing Machine

Commercial label printing machine is standard with three rotary die cutting station, which can fit with sheeting conveyor unit.

Product Details


Commercial Label Printing Machine each printing unit equips with IR dryer.

Technical Specifications:


Sticker characteristics

The so-called self-adhesive printing is a process of transferring ink and the like through a printing plate to a surface of a printing material on which a backing layer is pre-coated under a certain pressure. Compared with ordinary printing, stickers have the following characteristics:

The investment is small and the effect is quick. Self-adhesive prints are mostly trademarks and stickers, which have a small format, fast printing speed and less waste.

Flexible printing method. Stickers are not limited by the printing method, and traditional printing houses can be printed by offset presses or screen printers.

It has many functions, and its self-adhesive is widely used in food, cosmetics, and barcodes. It can also be used as a signage in special environments such as electronic products and mechanical products.


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