Blank Label Die Cutting Machine

Blank label die cutting machine is with rotary die-cutting unit is a new product produce by KEEPON. It equipped with high precision rotary die-cutting system. This machine suit for blank adhesive labels die cutting and slitting in one process. This slitter rewinder has the function of automatic meter or piece counting, auto-stop, web guiding by photocell.

Product Details


Blank label die cutting machine is equipped with high accurate rotary die-cutting system. This machine is suitable for blank adhesive labels. Die-cutting, laminating(option), slitting can be finished in one process. It has the function of automatic meter counting, automatic stop, web guiding by photocell. The machine has the characteristic of compact structure, fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting and steady running etc.

Technical Specifications:


The sharpness of the anilox roller scraper

The sharpness of the blade depends mainly on the angle of blade wear and the purity of the solution and the quality of the knife. In the case of a new knife, the sharpness of the knife should be such as to effectively scrape the layer of adhesive on the anilox roll without creating a knife. When the sharpness of the knife is moderate, the solution layer can be effectively scraped off, thereby obtaining a uniform coating amount, and conversely, the difference in coating amount becomes large.

Left and right movement of the anilox roller scraper

The left and right movement of the scraper plays an important role in feeding the scraping line, improving the utilization of the scraper, and reducing the wear on the anilox roller. From this aspect, the net wall wears less, the net is relatively deep, and the fluid portion is more loaded, which is beneficial to achieve the amount of coating required. The aluminum foil and the polyvinyl chloride sheet are heat-sealed after discussion of the optimum coating amount of the aluminum foil substrate and the adhesive, and the degree of adhesion of the two after heat sealing is usually measured by the heat-sealing strength of the adhesive layer. In a certain range, the heat-sealing strength of aluminum foil and PVC is proportional to the coating amount, but it is not proportional to a certain extent. In most cases, the coating amount can be satisfied at 3-6g/cm^2. Heat seal strength requirements. If the coating amount is increased, the heat seal strength value tends to balance as the coating amount increases to a certain value, and the heat seal strength curve tends to be balanced, and the strength change is small, so that it is not necessary to increase the amount of the adhesive coating, and increase cost....

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