What are the operating steps of the slitter?

- Nov 30, 2020-

What are the operating steps of the slitter?

During the slitting machine's winding and unwinding process, the diameter change will inevitably cause the change of the raw material tension. When the braking torque is constant, the diameter decreases and the tension will increase accordingly. When we all use the slitting machine, we all know what operation steps are generally followed for the slitting machine?


The operation steps of the slitter are as follows:


1. When turning on the power, first check whether the static elimination mode has been turned on. This is to prevent the machine from malfunctioning and causing unnecessary losses during operation.


2. Turn on the air pressure switch of the slitter equipment and adjust it to between 0.5 and 0.6. The adjustment of air pressure is very critical, because it will affect the stability of operation. After adjustment, use three to six cones to place the mother roll in the roll section. After the mother roll is put into the roll section, the machine needs to be debugged, and then the roll film is clamped so that it can rotate at a uniform speed or quickly.


3. Press the height adjustment button to confirm the safety. Then to install the blade, first check the blade edge of the blade to see if there is any damage, and then select the appropriate cutting method according to the needs and adjust the placement of the blade. After this step is completed, the paper core module can be debugged.