What are the functions of trademark die cutting machine?

- May 31, 2020-

What are the functions of trademark die cutting machine?

The trademark die-cutting machine is suitable for die-cutting various shaped trademarks, such as wine labels, labels, envelopes, greeting cards, playing cards, etc. The substrates that can be die-cut are offset paper, coated paper, cardboard, cardboard, polyethylene, polystyrene film, non-dry cavity materials, etc.

The working principle of the trademark die-cutting machine (see Figure 101) is to cut the semi-finished products (1000 to 1500 sheets) cut into squares on the V-shaped feed slot between the die cutter and the die cutting head Push the die-cut semi-finished product through the fixed die cutter to the paper receiving slot. The calculation method or the empirical estimation method based on test determines the thickness of the backing paper.

There are two commonly used methods of padding paper. One method is to select the appropriate paper material to lay flat on the reverse side of the printing plate. Then dig out the pad paper under the steel knife, so that the actual pressure of the steel knife and the steel wire is consistent during imprinting; another method is to select a cardboard strip of appropriate thickness according to the printing plate print and paste it on both sides of the steel print , Forming a groove strip shape, to achieve the same pressure in the steel knife and steel wire in the imprint. No matter which method is used, the pressure should be re-tested after the pad is completed to further check the mark and make necessary adjustments until it meets the quality requirements.

③ Determine the rules: After the pressure of the printing plate is adjusted, fix the printing plate to prevent misalignment during printing. When the position of the rule is determined, it should be reasonably selected according to the specifications of the printed matter. The finished product specifications are small and should not be selected too low, which is not conducive to operation; the finished product specifications are large and not too high, which will make the upper pressure uneven. Generally try to center the molded product.

After determining and pasting the positioning rules, test a few sheets and check carefully. If the product is a folding carton, it should also be tested for molding specifications and quality.

④ Sticky (plug) rubber: In the die-cutting indentation, the rubber is glued at the edge of the main steel blade, and the elastic recovery force of the rubber is used to push the printed product out of the edge. The choice of hard, soft and neutral rubber should be flexibly controlled according to the situation of the printing plate. Generally, the hard rubber is plugged in the gap of the lower edge of the steel knife; the soft rubber is plugged in the lower edge of the steel knife or the steel knife and the steel knife. Between the gaps. The rubber should be 3 to 5 mm above the blade, see Figure 100.

When inserting rubber, you should pay attention to the density of the rubber blanket according to the layout of the layout, not too thin, the main blade should not be omitted, the height of the entire layout rubber should be kept as uniform as possible, in order to prevent the compression deformation of the blanket during imprinting For the back-stop knife, the gap between the two knives is too small (below 1.5mni).

The operation of sticking (plugging) rubber can sometimes be carried out after the row of knives is completed. In actual operation, it can be determined according to the density of the steel plate of the printing plate and the complexity of the stamping. It is not only convenient to plug the rubber plate with a dense steel knife after arranging the knife, but also the main steel knife is not easy to miss.

⑤Die-cutting, scrapping, inspection, packaging: After all adjustments are ready, samples should be stamped out for a comprehensive inspection, whether the product indicators meet the requirements, and confirm the generated dust. ⑩Main power supply. Provide power to all parts.