Three development trends of self-adhesive label printing technology

- Mar 31, 2021-

     The self-adhesive label printing market has been basically mature after several years of development, and the market’s demand for shortcomings and personalized labels has shaken the dominance of traditional label printing technology and promoted the development of digital label printing. The printing process index, the cycle of digital label printing is shorter, the waste is wasted, and it can meet the needs of users on-demand and variable data printing, and realize true personalized printing. Specifically, self-adhesive label printing technology mainly has the following three development trends:


1. Small batches. Today's market is changing, and product labels are striving to be novel and changeable at the same time, so the number of prints is changing at the same time.

2. Short cycle. In order to cope with fierce market competition, manufacturers of consumer goods, food, medicine and other products all hope to launch new products in the shortest possible time, so they can also update their product trademarks by changing regions. And the daily necessities manufacturers have to match the products with different labels according to the consumption characteristics of different regions.

3. Personalization. In today's era of advocating individualization and differentiation, companies even require product labels to be beautiful and generous, and also to meet the printing requirements of personalized variable data.

        Before entering the military label printing press industry or entering into investment, conduct specific research, analysis, investigation and evaluation of the project’s feasibility, effects and benefits on the relevant factors and specific market conditions of the label printing press industry, so as to propose construction The self-adhesive label printing machine research report mainly analyzes the demand, supply, operating characteristics, acquisition capacity, industrial chain and value chain of the self-adhesive label printing machine industry, and integrates industries, markets, enterprises, users, etc. Level data and information resources, to provide customers with in-depth market research reports on the label printing machine industry, and to help customers understand the latest situation of the label printing machine industry with professional research methods, discover investment value and investment opportunities, and avoid Operating risks, improve management and operational capabilities.

The self-adhesive label printing machine research report must be carried out on the content and methods of the self-adhesive label printing industry research, and the latest information on the self-adhesive label printing machine obtained during the research process must be comprehensively and systematically sorted and analyzed. Through the chart, The statistical results and literature data may be used to put forward arguments, analyze the evidence, and conduct demonstrations based on the preliminary development process or horizontal category analysis.

The self-adhesive label printing machine research report is divided into: self-adhesive label printing machine research object and method, research content and hypothesis, research steps and process, and analysis and discussion of research results. The logic is the logical portrayal of the entire research thinking. Without a good research foundation and research channels, it is impossible to write a scientific research report on the sticker printing machine.

For the content of the self-adhesive label printing machine research report, the report hall absolutely reflects the objective situation truthfully, and all the descriptions, explanations, points out, and quotations are appropriate. The wording should be accurate. Use scientific terms to express concepts and avoid common sense terms to avoid readers' confusion or ambiguity. Of course, we also strive to be simple, clear, fluent, and fluent in the text of the research report. It is necessary to understand and express the results of the research accurately and scientifically. A written material proposed through comprehensive investigation and research and analysis to prove that a certain construction or renovation project, a certain scientific research, or a certain business activity is feasible.

Summary: The self-adhesive label printing machine research report is mainly based on the main content and supporting conditions of the self-adhesive label printing machine industry, such as market research, resource supply, construction scale, process route, equipment selection, environmental impact, and financing , Profitability, etc., from the aspects of technology, economy, engineering, etc., conduct investigations, research, analysis and comparison, and gradually establish possible future financial, economic benefits and social impact predictions, so as to propose whether the self-adhesive label printing machine project is worth investing in and how Consultation opinions for construction are a comprehensive analysis method that provides a basis for project decision-making. Feasible research has the characteristics of foresight, impartiality, reliability and scientificity. The decisive work before determining the construction project is the scientific method of comprehensive technical and economic analysis and demonstration of the proposed project before the investment decision of the sticker printing machine. In the investment management, the sticker printing machine industry research report Refers to the research, analysis and comparison and prediction of the social and economic benefits of the proposed project related to nature, society, economy, and technology.