Slitting machine real operation flow

- Sep 04, 2019-

Do you really understand the slitting machine? What are the characteristics of the slitting machine, and what are the specific procedures? These are the questions that many people have been asking. Let’s take a look today. The operating procedure of the slitting machine.

First, boot

1. Open the electrical isolation switch (set in front of the electric control cabinet), press the EMERCENCY STOP RESET and READY TO RUN buttons, and turn the MACHINE to RUN (on the main console) to check the voltage (380V), and the current is correct and stable.

2. Turn on the hydraulic system power switch (set on the main hydraulic drive frame), check whether the oil level and pressure gauge of the main hydraulic drive system are correct and stable.

3. Open the pneumatic shut-off valve (set on the intake pipe under the pneumatic control cabinet) to check whether the air pressure is correct (not less than 6.0 bar) and stable.

Second, set control

1. Set the slitting menu according to the type, thickness, length and width of the film arranged in the slitting plan.

2. Lift the corresponding BOPP film file from the PDF.

3. Set the winding length and width of the corresponding specification film.

4. Select the corresponding winding station, adjust the pressure roller arm and pressure roller, and install the paper core of the corresponding specification.

Third, feeding, filming and filming

1. Feeding: According to the requirements of the cutting plan, according to the driving operation rules, according to the actual situation, hoist the corresponding mother roll on the aging frame, and place it on the unwinding frame of the slitting machine according to the inner and outer selection direction of the corona surface, and use The control button clamps the steel core, leaving the steel core support arm and driving.

2, through the film: When there is no film on the slitting machine, it must be through the film. Using the slitting machine through the membrane device and the function keys, one end of the original membrane is attached to the membrane chain eyelet, and the membrane button is activated to distribute the membrane along the slitting process to be evenly distributed on each roller.

3. Film: When there is a film on the slitter, when changing the coil joint, use the vacuum filming station to start the filming station to the working position, manually flatten the film on the first pulling roller of the slitting machine and start the upper vacuum pump. Suck the film, make the film flat on the filming table, attach the double-sided tape and cut off the excess film under the tape, flatten the film on the unwinding frame and start the lower vacuum pump to make the film flat and absorb the tape. Apply the paper layer and smooth the adhesive film. The joints should be neat and wrinkle-free. Then turn off the upper and lower vacuum pumps and open the filming station to the inoperative position.

Fourth, boot operation

1. Change the specifications. The inner and outer winding arms have a good paper core. When the pressure roller is in the running ready state, notify all personnel to leave the machine and prepare to run.

2. Put the ANTI-STAIC BARS on the main console into AUTO, READY TO RUN is turned on, and start MACHINE RUN to start up.

Five, cutting control

During the slitting operation process, carefully observe and observe the effect of cutting and cutting, and appropriately adjust and control the slitting speed, unwinding tension, contact pressure, curved roller, edge pulling roller and leading edge.

Sixth, receipt

1. When the machine is stopped after the inner and outer ends are wound up, use the unloading button to place the film on the prepared unloading trolley, cut the film and paste the film roll with the sealing glue.

2. Use the collet release button to release the chuck and check whether the film cores have left the core. If one of the sheets is still stuck on the core, manually remove the film roll.

3. After ensuring that all the film leaves the chuck on the trolley, use the film button to raise the winding arm, install the corresponding paper core, and attach the film to the paper core for the next slitting.

Seven, parking

1. When the film roll runs to the set length, the device will automatically stop.

2. During the operation of the equipment, press MACHINE STOP to stop as needed.

3. When fast stop is required, press the MACHINE STOP button to be greater than 2S.

4. When there is an emergency such as equipment or human accident, press EMERGENCY STOP to stop the emergency.