Slitting machine failure problems and solutions

- Mar 04, 2021-

Slitting machines are key machinery and equipment in the paper production, processing and manufacturing industry. Paper manufacturers must use this type of machinery and equipment on a daily basis. If there is a failure, it will affect production. Then everyone knows that the problem of the slitting machine failure and its solution are introduced as follows:

1. The slitting machine has uneven winding

Most of this situation is because the paper core is not suitable, the paper core that meets the specified inner diameter needs to be replaced, and the winding pressure roller is used in the winding process, which can also prevent uneven winding of the slitting machine.

2. Miscounting errors

For this kind of problem, the two wheels of the meter wheel should touch the feeding rubber stick together, and make a mark on the meter wheel with 5 hand-cranked laps to calculate 1 meter, otherwise the meter wheel should be replaced.

3. Slitting and rewinding raw materials wrinkle

The key is that the winding tension is wrong. Adjust the suitable winding tension of the slitting machine. The winding application pressure roller will wrap the slitting material through the pressure roller and then enter the winding paper core.

The slitting machine is mainly used for slitting metal materials and can be used in many industries and materials. Of course, the cutting methods are also different according to the different industries and materials. The slitting machine produces processing technology edge materials after a variety of raw materials are compounded to obtain products that meet the processing technology regulations.

Slitting Machine

When the slitting machine fails, we can all solve these problems according to the above solutions, and we need to solve the problems in time.