Simple distinction between A4 paper cutter and slitting rewinder

- Jun 29, 2019-

Many people are not very clear about the difference between A4 paper cutter and slitting rewinder, so today we will make a simple distinction between A4 paper cutter and slitting rewinder.

A4 paper cutter is a traditional product, which is used to deal with the paper cutting demand in the later stage of printing. From mechanical paper-cutting machine to tape-controlled paper-cutting machine, and to computer programmable control, color display, visual processing of full-image operation guidance and computer-aided cutting external programming and editing production data cutting system, so that production preparation time is shorter, cutting accuracy is higher, labor intensity is lower, and operation is safer. All. The operation of paper cutter is relatively simple, and the environmental requirements are not high. Usually in the general office, power supply is used to ensure that the work can be carried out. Generally, the paper cutter has an automatic switch system. As long as the old paper is in the input, the paper cutter will automatically rotate to cut the paper. Some paper cutters need to press the startup button, and the paper cutter will turn and continue to cut paper. After shredding, press the stop reverse key to stop the paper cutter turning.

Slitting and rewinding machine is a special equipment for papermaking. Its purpose is to rewinding the rolls produced by the papermaking machine (called base rolls) in turn. After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper. At present, the use of AC drive instead of DC drive in slitting rewinder has become a development trend in the slitting rewinder industry. The paper roll rolled by the reel machine is relatively soft, and may be damaged or broken inside. The edges on both sides are irregular, and the width of the sheet can not be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most kinds of paper (such as newsprint, relief printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must be cut, sliced, jointed and on the paper by the slitting and rewinding machine. The finished paper roll with certain specifications and tightness can only be produced by rewinding the core. The rewinding process mainly completes three tasks: first, cutting the edge of the base paper; secondly, cutting the whole base paper into several breadths that meet the user's specifications; thirdly, controlling the roll diameter of the finished paper roll to make it conform to the factory specifications.