Introduction of the development direction of die cutting machine

- Apr 30, 2020-

Introduction of the development direction of die cutting machine

       1. Traditional sticker printing machine manufacturing enterprise. Entering in a period of difficult production, production and sales have declined year by year. The main reason is that the production and sales volume of high-tech products-high-efficiency rotary satellite trademark printing machines and flexographic printing machines have increased. The production efficiency of printing and continuous circular die cutting is much higher than that of intermittent printing and intermittent flat die cutting.

      2. Rotary die cutting will be the best die cutting method for large-scale printing and packaging products. It has been used in online printing and packaging equipment such as flexible printing production lines, form printing machines, corrugated printing slotting die cutting machines, rotary sticker printing machines, and gravure printing die cutting production lines. With the development of printing technology, especially the improvement of circular die cutting cylinder processing technology, the application range of circular die cutting will be more extensive, and the production efficiency of die cutting will be further improved.

       3. With the rapid development of the printing and packaging industry, the scale of enterprises continues to expand. The application market of automatic flat die cutting machine will continue to expand. In contrast, the sales market for semi-automatic flat die creasing machines will decline further. In addition to the reasons for low production efficiency and the high labor intensity of operators, the main reason for its decline is poor safety and shortcomings that are prone to industrial accidents. However, due to the large gap in the size of China's printing and packaging industry, this equipment will still have a certain market and will continue to play a role