How to Eliminate the Trouble of Slitting and Rewinding Machine

- Jul 02, 2019-

Slitting and rewinding machine is a special equipment for papermaking. Its purpose is to rewinding the rolls produced by the papermaking machine (called base rolls) in turn. After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper. At present, the use of AC drive instead of DC drive in slitting rewinder has become a development trend in the slitting rewinder industry.

And the machine will have more or less problems in the future, let's solve the problem of how to eliminate the breakdown of slitting rewinder.

The photoelectric protection function of a fully open slitting rewinder is out of order. After emergency treatment, the machine can still work. However, considering the safety of personnel, first turn off the power supply, remove the circuit board, and visually measure the power bridge stack. If the baseboard around the power bridge stack changes color, the bridge stack is burnt out. If the bridge stack is not damaged, it is necessary to reflect on whether a three-terminal voltage regulator is out of order. At this time, the circuit board can be installed on the machine and the photoelectric protection function can be restarted.

If the printing knife is easy to break and the wool roll becomes finer after a year and a half, it needs to be transported back to the factory for renovation. If the embossing device of the steel roll needs to be replaced, the steel roll needs to be transported back to the original factory for refitting.