Do A4 paper cutters cut sticky labels?

- Jun 08, 2019-

A4 paper cutter can be used to cut large size sticky trademark, especially when the cutting accuracy is not very high, A4 paper cutter can be used to cut sticky trademark, but it needs to be reminded that sticky knife can be cut with paper cutter. So using A4 paper cutter to cut sticky trademark, not only speed is not good, quality is not good. Quantity is also difficult to guarantee! Of course, if it is, the cutting accuracy, speed requirements are not high, cutting volume is not much, in appropriate circumstances, occasionally pretend to be a flat die cutting equipment is still possible.

Dry glue labels in non-adhesive printing factories usually need to use post-press equipment such as self-adhesive cutting machine, self-adhesive cutting machine, die-cutting machine and self-adhesive trademark machine. Although A4 paper cutting machine is mainly used for cutting materials and changing the size of semi-finished products, it is better not to consider A4 paper cutting machine, unless the size is very large and the position requirement is also required. Not high.

A4 paper cutter can be used for paper size conversion and wool trimming after binding of semi-finished books and brochures. It is durable, efficient and easy to adjust. It is suitable for small and medium-sized printing departments such as digital fast printing companies, printing plants, institutions and schools. It is a necessary cutting equipment in high-end office and light printing machinery.