Digital Reform of Paper Cutter

- Jul 29, 2019-

China's paper-cutting machine industry began to develop rapidly in the mid and late 1990s. With the development of printing industry, the increasing market demand and the rapid improvement of science and technology in China, the paper-cutting machine industry has formed a good situation of healthy development and vigorous development. In recent years, the digital development trend of printing industry has also led to the "digital" revolution of paper cutter industry. From the development trend of paper cutter technology, the digital trend of printing industry will not change the basic principle and structure of paper cutter, but only point out the future development direction for paper cutter manufacturers.


With the rapid development of market economy, the paper cutter industry is experiencing a "digital" revolution. In the past, electric paper cutters and automatic paper cutters were popular. At the same time, various intelligent and digital paper cutters, such as CNC paper cutters, programmable paper cutters and automatic CNC paper cutters, began to enter the market gradually, and occupied a large market share.

According to the market trend, the multi-function and automatic control technology of paper cutter will become the mainstream of the development of paper cutter industry. At present, the digital revolution of paper cutter industry has been launched. Many enterprises have entered the market of paper cutter one after another by virtue of the favorable opportunity of market transformation. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, which indirectly promotes the development of paper cutter industry. The digitization process of paper cutter manufacturers and paper cutter industry. The digital control of paper cutter makes the production preparation time shorter, the cutting precision higher, the labor intensity lower, and the operation safer. It has become the favorite printing equipment in the printing and packaging industries. The digital revolution of paper cutter industry will further promote the technical upgrading of high intelligent and digital printing equipment such as NC paper cutter, fully automatic NC paper cutter and programmable paper cutter, so as to effectively meet the market demand.