Cause Analysis of Roughness Trouble in Cutting Edge of Roller Paper Crosscutting Machine

- Jun 24, 2019-

In die-cutting production, roughness of cutting edge is one of the common faults. The main reasons can be summarized as follows:

1. Deformation and bluntness of cutting edge of die cutter

Excessive die-cutting pressure, increased number of die-cutting and sand grains on semi-finished products are easy to make the edge of die-cutting cutter deformed and blunt, resulting in rough product trimming. Therefore, the pressure at the cutting edge of the die cutter should be as low as possible, so it is advisable to cut off the edges and corners. In addition, the deformed and blunt die cutters should be replaced in time to ensure smooth edge cutting.

2. Sponge tape is too hard and too thick, which results in the deformation of the cutting edge of the die cutter.

If the sponge rubber strip is too hard or too thick, it will produce greater extrusion force on the cutting edge of the die cutting tool when it is pressed, which will easily cause the deformation of the cutting edge of the die cutting tool and cause the rough cutting edge of the product. In this regard, soft sponge tape should be selected and the thickness of sponge tape should be reduced as appropriate.

3. Repeated patching of die-cutting floor

Paper patching is a common method to increase pressure in die-cutting production, but repeated patching of paper will cause uneven surface of die-cutting floor, poor smoothness and rough cutting edge.

4. There are knife marks on the die-cutting floor.

Die-cutting floor has been used for a long time, there will be dense knife marks on the surface, and it is easy to cause rough cutting edges of products. At this time, a new die-cutting base plate should be replaced.