Single Facer Paper Corrugation Machine

Single facer paper corrugation machine is new generation corrugation machine, it includes fingerless vacuum type single-face corrugation unit, paper unwinding unit and sheeting unit. Working stable and with nice price is its advantage.

Product Details


This Single Facer Paper Corrugation Machine is suitable for paper board gluing with A, C, B, E flute board etc, also fit for paper board gluing with paper board, the finished corrugation board is neat and good appearance. It is ideal equipment for making single-face carton for packaging industry.

Technical Specifications:


Corrugated board strength requirements

1. Side pressure strength: The maximum force that can be withstood by the corrugated board per unit length in the direction of corrugation.

Side pressure strength = integrated base paper ring strength + integrated corrugated paper ring strength * shrinkage

Generally, the calculation of the side pressure is calculated according to the minimum ring pressure of the base paper (safe and reliable), and the actual test value will be appropriately larger than the theoretical calculation value.

2. Breaking strength: The maximum external force that can be evenly increased before the rupture of corrugated cardboard per unit area.

Cardboard burst strength = paper rupture strength + medium rupture strength + bottom paper rupture strength

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