Single Facer Corrugator

Single facer corrugator is new generation corrugation machine, it includes fingerless vacuum type single-face corrugation unit, paper unwinding unit and sheeting unit. Working stable and with nice price is its advantage.

Product Details


This Single Facer Corrugator is suitable for paper board gluing with A, C, B, E flute board etc, also fit for paper board gluing with paper board, the finished corrugation board is neat and good appearance. It is ideal equipment for making single-face carton for packaging industry.

Technical Specifications:


The so-called lithographic printing is offset printing. When it comes to corrugated offset printing, the past process is generally to first perform offset printing on a cardboard, etc., and then attach it to a single-faced corrugated paper. In 2000, due to the widespread use of G-type corrugated, very thin G-type corrugated paper can be printed directly on the offset press. This direct offset printing process can reduce the number of processes compared to the process of printing on cardboard and then bonding to a single-faced corrugated, so theoretically there are advantages in terms of delivery and cost, but the greater advantage lies in the G-type corrugated Offset printing can be performed directly, which can greatly reduce the amount of paper used. The reduction in energy consumption during production becomes a reduction in costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions; a reduction in transportation energy consumption is associated with a reduction in transportation costs and a reduction in CO2 emissions. For example, digital cameras and other products use air transportation. If it is shipped to New York and the packaging is reduced by 10g, the air transportation phase can reduce CO2 emissions by 152.9g. The G-shaped ultra-thin micro corrugated packaging has high strength, thin thickness, small volume and beautiful printing. As a packaging that corresponds to the environment, it will be more noticeable in the future.


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