Single Face Corrugated Machine

Single face corrugated machine is new generation corrugation machine, it includes fingerless vacuum type single-face corrugation unit, paper unwinding unit and sheeting unit. Working stable and with nice price is its advantage.

Product Details


This Single Face Corrugated Machine is suitable for paper board gluing with A, C, B, E flute board etc, also fit for paper board gluing with paper board, the finished corrugation board is neat and good appearance. It is ideal equipment for making single-face carton for packaging industry.

Technical Specifications:


Compressive strength

Corrugated box compressive strength refers to the maximum load and deformation of the box under the dynamic pressure applied by the pressure tester.

The anti-pressure test process is divided into four stages: the first is the pre-loading stage to ensure that the carton is in contact with the pressure-resistant machine platen; the second is that the transverse pressure line is depressed, at which time the load is slightly increased and the amount of deformation varies greatly; The third is the compression stage of the side wall of the carton. At this time, the load increases rapidly and the deformation increases slowly. The fourth is that when the carton is completely destroyed, this is the crushing point of the carton.

The required compressive strength of the carton = [carton gross weight * (stacking layer number - 1)] * safety factor K. The front part is the static stacking strength of the carton. The value of K depends on the number of printing plates, the degree of opening, the nature of the inner packaging, the degree of valuableness, the storage and transportation time, conditions, and the like. The value of K generally takes 2-5.


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