Fingerless Model Single Facer Machine

Fingerless model single facer machine is new generation corrugation machine, it includes fingerless vacuum type single-face corrugation unit, paper unwinding unit and sheeting unit. Working stable and with nice price is its advantage.

Product Details


This Fingerless Model Single Facer Machine is suitable for paper board gluing with A, C, B, E flute board etc, also fit for paper board gluing with paper board, the finished corrugation board is neat and good appearance. It is ideal equipment for making single-face carton for packaging industry.

Technical Specifications:


Although it is the same as the "gravure gravure" in the gravure printing method, the paper gravure printing machine is different from the soft packaging gravure printing machine, and it is necessary to transfer the ink by applying a large printing pressure. Therefore, the plate cylinder and the impression cylinder are large. Heavy, it is a printing method for large-volume products. Since gravure is a printing method different from flexo printing, the printing paper must have good smoothness. The gravure printing with a large amount of ink is thick and expressive, and compared with offset printing and flexo printing, it is a printing method which is highly evaluated in deep printing. In order to correspond to environmental measures that limit VOC emissions, it may be considered to correspond to water-based gravure in the future.


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