E Flute Making Machine

E flute making machine is new generation corrugation machine, it includes fingerless vacuum type single-face corrugation unit, paper unwinding unit and sheeting unit. Working stable and with nice price is its advantage.

Product Details


This E Flute Making Machine is suitable for paper board gluing with A, C, B, E flute board etc, also fit for paper board gluing with paper board, the finished corrugation board is neat and good appearance. It is ideal equipment for making single-face carton for packaging industry.

Technical Specifications:


Three-layer corrugated paper

Light weight, high strength, no deformation, good rigidity, strong cushioning performance, good sound insulation and heat insulation effect. It can be flame retardant, moisture proof, waterproof and suitable for raw materials than honeycomb paperboard. Recycled waste paper and old corrugated paper The box is a raw material for production, so the source of raw materials is wide and sufficient. After the finished product is used, it can be recycled and rebuilt, which meets the environmental protection requirements of resource recycling and has a wide application prospect. Corrugated paper composite panels can be made into various precision instruments, electromechanical equipment, household appliances, ceramic packaging boxes, liners, etc., can also be made into various specifications of trays, cushioning liners, aviation turnover boxes; use of corrugated paper in building materials The composite board can be made into a lightweight partition wall, a sound insulation board, a heat insulation board, furniture, and a disposable beach table, and can also be used to make a disposable disposable cremation sanitary aseptic paper basket.


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