Plotter Digital for Paper Boxes

Plotter digital for paper boxes is non-plate carton printer and ideal digital printing machine for corrugated with high resolution and high speed.

Product Details


Plotter Digital for Paper Boxes is with corrosion-resistant all-metal ink supply channel Industrial grade nozzle: with 1280 nozzles with 600dpi high resolution, nozzle life of up to 100 billion times, up to eight gray color; nozzle comes with positioning pin, easy installation and maintenance, fast inside the nozzle can be heated to 60 degrees, can adapt to different ambient temperature and ink viscosity.

Technical Specifications:


Boot up

A. Open the printer first, then turn on the computer.

B. Refer to the “Printer User's Guide” that came with the camera and install the ink cartridge. There are several precautions when installing ink cartridges.

1. When the ink cartridge is not ready for use, it is not suitable to remove the package.

2. After removing the cover and tape of the ink tank, install the ink tank immediately.

3, take the ink box, can not touch the print head.

4. The print head contains ink, so the print head cannot be inverted or shaken.

C. After the ink cartridge is installed, perform the "print head" cleaning operation to debug the printer to the normal use state.

Software settings

A. the installation of the driver: When buying a printer, the manufacturer will randomly bring the driver: the Windows control system also has some printer drivers. Drivers can also be downloaded directly from the manufacturer's website. But the best thing is that the driver downloaded from the manufacturer's website, because the driver downloaded from the Internet, is the latest driver.

B. Open "Printer" in the computer taskbar settings and set the driver corresponding to the target printer to "Default Printer".

C. In the process of using each application software, set the printer "attribute" according to specific needs.

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