Digital Printers for Corrugated

Digital printers for corrugated is special design for small quantity order of the carton box. This full color digital printing machine adopt Ricoh G5 real industrial-grade printing head, it is non-plate carton printer and ideal digital printing machine for corrugated with high resolution and high speed.

Product Details


1. Digital Printers for Corrugated intelligent jump white function: large format large blank area automatically jump white jet printing, production more efficient.

2. No energy consumption paper feeding system: paper delivery smooth format 2500X1500mm, manual single sheet can be longer paper, cardboard stacking by the size of the board size, flatness, strength, thickness.

3. Intelligent paper detection system: automatic detection of paper and its thickness, intelligent adjustment car height.

4. Automatic maintenance of the nozzle: the software has a nozzle automatic flash spray maintenance function to ensure that the nozzle is smooth.

Technical Specifications:


Jam problem

Many times jams are caused by improper use. After a paper jam occurs, turn off the printer and then decide whether to pull the paper from the outside or inside depending on the paper jam. Be especially careful at this time to prevent paper from remaining inside the printer.

In order to avoid printer jams, pay attention to the following aspects: Before printing, it is best to check whether the printer panel or the paper feed slot has a “Paper Size Selector” switch, if any, according to The size of the media to be used is A4 or Letter, so that the paper does not easily skew when it enters; the thickness of the paper should not be too thin or too thick; when adding paper to the paper feed slot, be sure to remove the original paper first. After aligning with the newly added paper, put it back in the paper feed slot. This will prevent the printer from printing multiple sheets of paper at one time and causing paper jams. If there is any paper in the paper, it will be scattered into the paper slot. This is to prevent the paper from sticking together due to moisture or other factors, causing multiple sheets to be jammed together during paper feeding.

Nylon film (PA)

Nylon film is a very tough film with good transparency, good gloss, high tensile strength, high tensile strength, good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance. Excellent abrasion resistance and puncture resistance, soft and oxygen barrier, but poor barrier to water vapor, high moisture absorption and moisture permeability, poor heat sealability, suitable for packaging hard articles, such as greasy Sex food, meat products, fried foods, vacuum packed foods, cooked foods, etc.

Cast polypropylene film (CPP)

The cast polypropylene film is a polypropylene film produced by a casting process, and can be divided into two types: ordinary CPP and cooking grade CPP. The transparency is excellent, the thickness is uniform, and the longitudinal and lateral properties are uniform, and generally used as a composite film. Layer material. The thickness of ordinary CPP film is generally between 25 and 50 μm. After compounding with OPP, the transparency is good, the surface is bright, and the hand feel is firm. The general gift packaging bag uses this material. This film also has good heat sealability. The thickness of the cooking grade CPP film is generally between 60 and 80 μ m. It can withstand high temperature cooking at 121 ° C for 30 min. It has good oil resistance and air tightness and high heat sealing strength. The inner layer of general meat packaging is uniform. A cooking grade CPP film is used.

Aluminized film

The most widely used aluminized films are mainly polyester aluminized film (VMPET) and CPP aluminized film (VMCPP). The aluminized film has both the properties of a plastic film and the properties of a metal. The surface of the film is coated with aluminum to prevent light and ultraviolet radiation, which not only prolongs the shelf life of the content, but also improves the brightness of the film. It replaces the aluminum foil to a certain extent, and has the advantages of low cost, good appearance and good barrier property. Aluminized film is widely used in composite packaging.


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