Corrugated Board Printing Machine

Corrugated board printing machine is special design for small quantity order of the carton box. This full color digital printing machine adopt Ricoh G5 real industrial-grade printing head, it is non-plate carton printer and ideal digital printing machine for corrugated with high resolution and high speed.

Product Details


1. Corrugated Board Printing Machine intelligent jump white function: large format large blank area automatically jump white jet printing, production more efficient.

2. Intelligent paper detection system: automatic detection of paper and its thickness, intelligent adjustment car height.

Technical Specifications:


Shut down

A. Before shutting down, check and confirm that the printer is in the normal standby state.

B. If the ink is prompted to replace the ink cartridge in time, the printer should wait for the printing operation to complete before performing other work.

C. When shutting down, you should turn off the printer power button, do not shut down the power directly, otherwise it will have serious consequences.

D. After shutting down, apply the cloth to cover the printer to avoid damage caused by dust intrusion.

There are three main types of printers on the market: pin, inkjet, and laser printers. The dot matrix printer has passed the glorious period and gradually entered the dusk; while the price of laser printers is declining, there is still a certain gap compared with the mainstream color inkjet, and if the color is to be used, the price will be much higher. In this way, it is not surprising that the inkjet printer is half-baked.


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