Corrugated Board Digital Inkjet Printer

Corrugated board digital inkjet printer is special design for small quantity order of the carton box. This full color digital printing machine adopt Ricoh G5 real industrial-grade printing head, it is non-plate carton printer and ideal digital printing machine for corrugated with high resolution and high speed.

Product Details


1. Corrugated Board Digital Inkjet Printer intelligent jump white function: large format large blank area automatically jump white jet printing, production more efficient.

2. No energy consumption paper feeding system: paper delivery smooth format 2500X1500mm, manual single sheet can be longer paper, cardboard stacking by the size of the board size, flatness, strength, thickness.

3. Intelligent paper detection system: automatic detection of paper and its thickness, intelligent adjustment car height.

4. Automatic maintenance of the nozzle: the software has a nozzle automatic flash spray maintenance function to ensure that the nozzle is smooth.

Technical Specifications:


Micro piezoelectric technology

Micro-piezoelectric technology divides the droplet control in the inkjet process into three stages: before the inkjet operation, the piezoelectric element first shrinks slightly under the control of the signal; then, the component produces a large extension, the ink droplet The nozzle is pushed out; at the moment when the ink droplet is about to fly away from the nozzle, the component will contract again, and the ink level will be shrunk from the nozzle cleanly and cleanly. In this way, the liquid level of the ink droplets is precisely controlled, and the ink droplets ejected each time have a perfect shape and a correct flight direction.

The micro-piezoelectric inkjet system is provided with a transducer on a nozzle equipped with ink, and the transducer is controlled by a printing signal to control the ejection of ink. According to the working principle and arrangement structure of the transducer of the micro piezoelectric inkjet system, it can be divided into several types: piezoelectric tube type, piezoelectric film type and piezoelectric sheet type.

The use of changes in the micro-voltage to control the ejection of the ink dots not only avoids the disadvantages of the thermal bubble jet technology, but also precisely controls the ejection direction and shape of the ink dots. Piezoelectric inkjet printheads use a piezoelectric crystal at the rear of the micro-ink reservoir. Applying a current to the crystal causes it to press inward. When the current is interrupted, the crystal bounces back to its original position and a small amount of ink is ejected through the nozzle. When the current is restored, the crystal is again pulled back to the ready state for ejecting the next drop of ink.


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