Window PET Patching Machine

This window pet patching machine is for small sheet feeding, with widely used in the window patching to the liquor box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, candle box etc. It can be used for window film cutting, creasing, gluing and pasting of cardboard 190-510g/m2 and corrugated box 1-2.5mm. Double line feeding is the optional.

Product Details


1. The Window PET Patching Machine mainframe adopts 30mm steel wall. The steel plate is dealt with heat treatment and processed by digit control machine. It runs smoothly with high quality stability. The machine is comprised of 5 units of feeder, positioning, gluing, patching and delivery unit.

2. The feeder adopts imported Ever-power scratch furrow conveyor belt from USA. Matching by our unique supporting plate intermittent feeding mode, the paper feeding is very smooth and no overlapping paper or missing paper, which makes the machine speed up to 7000 sheet/hour.

3. The air draft conveyor belt and paper delivery conveyor belt are imported from Schneider. The mechanical transmission driving train is from Japan.

4. The key components of the machine adopt NSK bearing from Japan. The buttons of the control system and contactor adopt SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH. Human-computer interface is from Taiwan Wenview. PLC transducer is from DELTD. All photoelectric switches are from Omron. The Electric motor is from Taiwan(TECO YV)

Technical Specifications:


How to ensure the safe use of window pet patching machine

The window pet patching machine is applied to the laminating process of packaging paper products such as wine boxes, gift boxes, napkin boxes, cosmetic boxes, children's toy boxes, and garment boxes. The 200-1000 g/m2 paperboard and the corrugated paper of 2.5 mm or less are subjected to die-cutting, film cutting, paperboard sizing, filming, and finishing functions before the paste box. While improving production efficiency, it is also necessary to prevent the window sticker from getting an electric shock. 

The following points should be noted:

1. Be sure to ground the power supply of the window sticker.

2. Do not replace electrical components during power-on, otherwise danger may occur.

3. Please do not operate the window switch, button and knob with wet hands to prevent electric shock.

4. When energizing or running, please do not open the door of the electrical box, the cover and the outer casing of each electrical component, otherwise electric shock will occur.

5. For cables and wires, do not damage it and apply excessive stress to it to carry heavy loads or clamp it. Failure to do so may result in electric shock.

6. Do not close the main power switch to operate the window sticker when the electrical box door is open. Otherwise, it may touch the high voltage terminal and cause electric shock. Even if the power is off, do not open the door of the electrical box except for inspection and regular maintenance. It is strictly forbidden to put all the debris in the electrical box and keep it clean.

7. Inspection and regular maintenance work should be carried out by professional and technical personnel. For maintenance or regular maintenance, please disconnect the power supply. After 10 minutes, use a multimeter to check if the residual voltage disappears. Failure to do so may result in electric shock.

In the skill of handling automatic window sticking machine, more use of computer skills and micro-electronic skills, use heat pipe and cold sealing skill

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