Fully Automatic Window Patching Machine

This fully automatic window patching machine is widely used in the window patching to the liquor box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, candle box etc. It can be used for window film cutting, creasing, gluing and pasting of cardboard 190-510g/m2 and corrugated box 1-2.5mm. Double line feeding is the optional.

Product Details


1. The Fully Automatic Window Patching Machine mainframe adopts 30mm steel wall. The steel plate is dealt with heat treatment and processed by digit control machine. It runs smoothly with high quality stability. The machine is comprised of 5 units of feeder, positioning, gluing, patching and delivery unit.

2. The feeder adopts imported Ever-power scratch furrow conveyor belt from USA. Matching by our unique supporting plate intermittent feeding mode, the paper feeding is very smooth and no overlapping paper or missing paper, which makes the machine speed up to 7000 sheet/hour.

3. The air draft conveyor belt and paper delivery conveyor belt are imported from Schneider. The mechanical transmission driving train is from Japan.

4. The key components of the machine adopt NSK bearing from Japan. The buttons of the control system and contactor adopt SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH. Human-computer interface is from Taiwan Wenview. PLC transducer is from DELTD. All photoelectric switches are from Omron. The Electric motor is from Taiwan (TECO YV)

Technical Specifications:


How to determine the safety of fully automatic window patching machine

The fully automatic window patching machine adopts the automatic method, which effectively reduces the workpiece stroke of the machine, makes the machine work stably at high speed, the product quality is good, the quality is high, the debugging is convenient, the shape is strong, and it is especially suitable for various high-precision paper boxes 90 Ideal for window sticking machines. The online window sticking machine is mainly used for the window carton film, and the partial paper coating of the unfolded paper, such as a corrugated milk box, a cardboard underwear box, a toy type, a home textile type, a high-grade cosmetics type paper box. The mechanical structure is reasonable in design, the adjustment is very convenient and flexible, and the length of the film (film) is adjusted without stopping, front and rear, left and right positions. This machine adopts programmable PLC PLC computer control, high precision, maintenance-free, abnormal operation of machine operation.

How to determine the security of a fully automatic window patching machine:

1. All safety devices must be kept intact and effective. Repair or replace the faulty parts in time. Before starting the window sticking machine, check whether the handles, buttons and safety guards are in the predetermined position. Note that other people around the online windower should be in a safe location.

2. When the fully automatic window patching machine is running, it is not allowed to contact the running paper products, cutting objects, etc., only after the machine is stopped, the automatic window sticking machine can be cleaned or the passage blockage can be eliminated. After commissioning, check that all tools or other items have been removed from the machine and slowly jog the machine for a week to avoid accidents.

3. If the fully automatic window patching machine suddenly stops for some reason, please press the “Emergency stop” button to lock fully automatic window patching machine. Check the cause and restart the machine after the fault has been eliminated.

4. Before restarting the fully automatic window patching machine, carefully inspect the moving parts (rollers, shafts), remove waste paper, debris, etc. from these parts, and confirm the reliability of their position. Be aware that other people around the machine should be in a safe place. Unauthorized personnel are strictly prohibited from operating.


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