Automatic Film Window Patching Machine

This automatic film window patching machine is widely used in the window patching to the liquor box, gift box, napkin box, cosmetic box, toy box, candle box etc. It can be used for window film cutting, creasing, gluing and pasting of cardboard 190-510g/m2 and corrugated box 1-2.5mm. Double line feeding is the optional.

Product Details


1. The Automatic Film Window Patching Machine mainframe adopts 30mm steel wall. The steel plate is dealt with heat treatment and processed by digit control machine. It runs smoothly with high quality stability. The machine is comprised of 5 units of feeder, positioning, gluing, patching and delivery unit.

2. The feeder adopts imported Ever-power scratch furrow conveyor belt from USA. Matching by our unique supporting plate intermittent feeding mode, the paper feeding is very smooth and no overlapping paper or missing paper, which makes the machine speed up to 7000 sheet/hour. The air draft conveyor belt and paper delivery conveyor belt are imported from Schneider. The mechanical transmission driving train is from Japan.

3.The key components of the machine adopt NSK bearing from Japan. The buttons of the control system and contactor adopt SCHNEIDER-KREUZNACH. Human-computer interface is from Taiwan Wenview. PLC transducer is from DELTD. All photoelectric switches are from Omron. The Electric motor is from Taiwan(TECO YVF).

Technical Specifications:


Clients and Exhibition:

Common window sticking machine faults and treatment methods:

When the window sticker is turned on, the motor has a strange sound, and the film cannot be sent:

(1) Check if the main motor steering is accurate and adjust to the exact direction indicated by the arrow;

(2) Whether the motor driver shows a defect, and the main power supply for turning off the window sticking machine can be recovered from the power of the head.

In the process of operation, the film feeding specifications are criss-crossed, and the feeding specification is shorter than the pre-adjusting specification by more than 5 mm, and the processing of the windowing machine operation occurs intermittently without the film feeding method:

(1) Photoelectric eye sensitivity scheduling is not good or polarity selection is wrong;

(2) The photoelectric switch holder shall be replaced by earth leakage or short circuit between terminals;

(3) The discharging speed is lower than the feeding speed. It is necessary to relax the lamination of each laminating film, check some functions of discharging, and clean the defects.

The motor torque is significantly reduced, the bag making specification is not accurate, and the driver of the window sticking machine is defective, or the rubber roller of the window sticking machine and the motor are somewhat blocked.

Inaccurate treatment of photoelectric tailing when the window mechanism is attached to the bag:

(1) The method of adjusting the photoelectric eye and the selection of the operating conditions are inaccurate, and the accurate adjustment is made according to the clarification of the book;

(2) The pre-adjusted film feeding length (when adjusting the blank bag) and the practice of the bag making specification are too large, and the line length or scheduling pressure should be set from the beginning, and the equipment should be adjusted;

(3) If the film resistance is too large or the quality of the previous process is poor, the material should be reviewed and replaced.

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