Semi Automatic Flute Laminator

Semi automatic flute laminator is equipped with humanity design of automatic feeding for bottom sheet that makes feeding easier, the surface paper feeding by manual.
This machine has features as easy for operation, convenient for maintenance, low noise, high speed and high precision etc.

Product Details


This Semi Automatic Flute Laminator has features as easy for operation, convenient for maintenance, low noise, high speed and high precision for carton production etc. Suitable for flute lamination of corrugated paper to cardboard, and cardboard to cardboard, adopting automatic feeder for the feeding of bottom sheet, the right side for feeding of face sheet, front positioning gauge for lamination precision, stepless speed control, with attractive and nice appearance, easy for cleaning and with high lamination precision, it is the new equipment for producing of high quality laminated cardboard , the laminated cardboard is much more striking, attractive and with a high strength, widely for the packaging of food, wine products, household appliances and light industrial products.

Technical Specifications:


The bonding pressure resistance, flat pressing, burst strength and bonding of the laminating machine are important physical indexes of corrugated boxes, and the strength is related to the processing technology of paper and paperboard, and the bonding is inseparable from the composite glue. Veneer bonding directly affects the next process of the carton and the customer's on-line packaging. Gluing becomes an important part of the crepe paper composite process. If the glue is uneven, the adhesion is not good, the cardboard surface will be foamed, and the back of the cardboard will be glued. , you can see the rubber powder on the corrugated. The processing accuracy of the laminating machine determines the uniformity of the coating. The accuracy of the outer circle and the inner circle of the rubber roller requires that the roundness of the roller passes through the outer car and the inner car accurately and consistently. The wheel is not eccentric after two years of operation, and the accuracy of the veneering machine remains unchanged for at least 5 years. The fully automatic machine adopts built-in glue tank, closed pump glue, glue amount for hydraulic supply, uniform, safe and sanitary.

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