Litho Laminating Machine

Litho Laminating Machine is fit for paper board laminate with corrugated board and corrugated board laminate with corrugated board for packaging usage. High precision, easy for operation and save labor cost, it is necessary automatic flute laminating machine for carton packaging production.

Product Details


1. AFL Series Litho Laminating Machine adopts chain pusher and back registration system together with spring blade side lay and vacuum sucking conveying system which makes this series of machine fits for a larger range of paper, high precision while remaining the features of easy operation and maintenance.

2. The core designed rubber roller together with knurled steel roller enhances the evenness of gluing, strength of stickiness, as well as lowering the production cost.

3. Balance-tested rollers, tight assembling technique, plus tooth belt driving mechanic system makes the machine runs at low noise with high precision.

4. The machine adopts automatic glue supply,recyclable glue circulating system and auto-central oil supply system.

Technical Specifications:


Clients and Exhibition:

1. Select specifications. The specifications of the laminating machine are relative to the length of the roller. In order to avoid the waste of adhesive, energy consumption and production cost, in factories with diversified product structures, the specifications should be proportionate when selecting specifications. Appropriately purchase different sizes of laminating machines to meet the requirements of efficient and reasonable production. There are factories that are mainly narrow-width products. In order to adapt the machines to large-size products, all of them are purchased for large-scale machines. It is believed that the purchase of large-size machines can be "large or small" and adaptable. In fact, this practice is not advisable.

2. Choose practicality. The purchased laminating machine should meet the economic, reasonable, high-quality and high-efficiency production requirements, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and quality and reducing production costs. The factory should determine the purchase intention of the machine according to the characteristics of its product structure. Small-volume, small-size products should be purchased by hand-type laminating machine. A large number of hard-faced papers and high-quality products should be purchased. Semi-automatic, fully automatic laminating machine for smashing, avoid buying a fully automatic laminating machine for long-term tampering with small batches, small sizes and uneven paper boxes.


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