Auto Flute Laminator Machine

Auto flute laminator machine is fit for paper board laminate with corrugated board and corrugated board laminate with corrugated board for packaging usage. High precision, easy for operation and save labor cost, it is necessary automatic flute laminating machine for carton packaging production.

Product Details


1. AFL Series Auto Flute Laminator Machine adopts chain pusher and back registration system together with spring blade side lay and vacuum sucking conveying system which makes this series of machine fits for a larger range of paper, high precision while remaining the features of easy operation and maintenance.

2. The core designed rubber roller together with knurled steel roller enhances the evenness of gluing, strength of stickiness, as well as lowering the production cost.

3. Balance-tested rollers, tight assembling technique, plus tooth belt driving mechanic system makes the machine runs at low noise with high precision.

4. The machine adopts automatic glue supply,recyclable glue circulating system and auto-central oil supply system.

Technical Specifications:


All factors affecting the growth of man-made fibers can have a certain impact on textiles made from rayon, which has the greatest impact on non-woven textiles. The population growth factor has less impact on non-woven fabrics than other textiles used in apparel. But if the important application of non-woven fabrics in baby diapers is taken into account, population growth is also an important factor. The replacement of the natural fiber portion has a greater influence on the textile, but has little effect on the nonwoven fabric because the production of the nonwoven fabric is basically dependent on the rayon.

The commercial development of man-made fibers and the professional application of non-woven fabrics: The trade in micro-fibers, composite fibers, biodegradable fibers and new polyester fibers has increased due to the establishment of international economic treaties. This has a great influence on non-woven fabrics, but has little effect on apparel and knitted textiles. Replacing textiles and other supplies: This includes being replaced by non-woven textiles, knitted textiles, plastic films, polyurea foams, wood pulp, leather, and the like. This is determined by the cost and performance requirements of the product. Introducing new, more economical and efficient production processes: the use of polymers to make a variety of articles, the application of competitive new nonwovens and the introduction of specialty fibers and nonwoven textile additives.

PET advantages

1. Has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other films, and good folding resistance.

2. Oil resistant, fat resistant, olefin resistant, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents.

3. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 55-60 °C. It can withstand high temperature of 65 °C in short-term use, can withstand low temperature of -70 °C, and has little effect on its mechanical properties at high and low temperatures.

4. Low gas and water vapor permeability, excellent gas barrier, water, oil and odor properties.

5. High transparency, UV blocking, good gloss.

6. Non-toxic, odorless, good health and safety, can be directly used for food packaging.


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