Automatic Die Cutter with Stripping

This automatic die cutter with stripping can efficiently complete the die cutting and embossing of products,as well as maintaining the highest precision and product quality. It is well equipped and almost can adapt to all die cutting requirements of products.

Product Details


1. Automatic Die Cutter with Stripping has high quality feeder made in Taiwan with 4 suction nozzle for stack paper and 4 suction nozzle for delivering paper , ensures stable and fast paper feeding.

2. Pre-loading unit, non-stop feeding, with Max pile height to 1600mm.

3. The pre-loading unit is equipped with guiding rails, operator move the stack paper to feeder accurately and conveniently.

4. Side and front guiding have sensor which can adjust the sensitivity.

5. The anti-obstacle device prevent the machine damaged.

6. Paper feeding will be slow down when the paper reach the front guiding , achieve more accurate location.

7. Japanese NITA convey belt , the speed can be adjusted.

8. Germany made stainless steel is used for convey board in order to achieve smooth and quick paper delivery.

9. Pneumatic cutting plate lift for easy slide in and out.

10. Easy way to turn over and change die cutting chase and plate with short time.

11. High quality gripper bars made in Japan with long life time.

12. High quality U.K imported chain ensure stability and accuracy in long time running.

13. Automatic lubrication and cooling system for main drive and automatic lubrication for main chain.

14. Overload protection device with torque limiter in index box for the highest safety of operator and equipment.

15. Crank shafts and worm rod is made of 40 Cr with heating handling. Turbine is made of copper.

16. High quality imported air clutch.

17. SMC pneumatic components.

18. The upper, middle and lower stripping frames are controlled by 3 GPRS of cam wheels respectively.

19. Match with the center-line registration system in die cutting unit , the same system also apply to the stripping station to minimize changeover time , Accurate positioning can increase production efficiency.

Technical Specifications:


Technical Drawing:

The plate and the cutting mechanism of the automatic die cutter with stripping are all flat, and the vertical flat die-cutting machine is used when the plane of the platen and the platen are in the vertical position. When the die-cutting machine is working, the pressure plate presses the plate against the plate by pressing the drive. The movement trajectory of the pressing plate can be divided into two categories: one is that the pressing plate swings around the fixed hinge, so at the moment of starting the molding, there is a certain inclination angle between the working surface of the pressing plate and the stencil surface, so that the die cutting plate is cut into the lower part of the cardboard earlier. This is likely to cause the pressure in the lower part of the mold plate to be too heavy and the upper part not completely cut through. In addition, the component of the die-cutting pressure can also cause lateral displacement of the cardboard. When the die-cutting machine of the press-plate moving mechanism is working, the pressure plate is driven by the connecting rod, firstly, the cylindrical roller is used as a fulcrum, and swings on the flat rail of the base, and the working surface of the pressing plate is tilted to the molded version. When the position is parallel, the die-cutting plate is pressed in parallel in a translational manner.

The vertical type has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, easy to grasp its operation and replacement of the die-cutting indentation plate, but the labor intensity is large, the production efficiency is low, and the number of work per minute is 20 times to 30 times, which is often used for small batch production. .

The platen and the platen working surface of the horizontal flat die-cutting machine are horizontally positioned, and the lower platen is driven by the mechanism to press upward against the plate to perform die-cutting and indentation.

Since the stroke of the horizontal die-cutting machine press plate is small, it is difficult to manually insert or remove the paperboard, so it usually has an automatic paper feeding system, and its overall structure is similar to that of a sheet-fed offset printing machine. Input system, die-cut part, cardboard output part, and electrical control, mechanical transmission, etc., and some also have automatic cleaning device.

The horizontal flat die cutting machine works safely and reliably, and its automation degree and production efficiency are relatively high. It is an advanced model in the flat die cutting machine.

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